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The Stellasonic was born from an appreciated need for calm. Two producers with a mutual desire to create art that's unconstrained by commercialism. This pair felt that they would artistically thrive in a relaxed project, where industry expectations were disregarded, deadlines non-existent, and credits anonymous. Each with their own vibrant career, the duo came together on the premise of an experiment. Prompted by an eagerness to experience “slow” music, The Stellasonic began to unleash a hype-free stream of grooves, set only to the pace of their inspiration, mood, and occasional inclination for cocktails. The Stellasonic’s manifesto has always been to organically extract their vibe from retro-digital and analog mediums. She expresses using lyric, voice, synth, and samplers, while he provides a foundation with drum machine, synth, and tape. The mood: dreamy cinematic electro-wave, that feels like it's been served up in an 80’s cocktail lounge.

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